Health Star Rating- All It’s Cracked up to be? I’m Not so Sure!



So some of you may have heard recently of the new initiative around having a health star rating on the front of food packs to try and assist us all, as consumers, to make more health supportive selections when choosing foods at a store.

This system has been chosen based on its relative ease to understand, given that most of us would associate more starts with a better choice. Makes sense, right?

health star rating

The nutrients that the system focuses on are no surprise, with sugar, sodium and saturated fat coming up again as they always do, as the nutrients of concern from major public health organisations. This time they also include an option for manufacturers to include information about one โ€œpositiveโ€ nutrient, such as fibre or calcium, to let consumers know their food item provides this in a significant amount.

The food industry have a couple of years to bring thisโ€ฆ

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