Do you feel better eating gluten free?



(Reposted with permission from Zoe Nicholson – figureate Dietitian)

Do you feel better eating gluten free?

Unless you have Coeliac disease, cutting out gluten may not be the true reason you feel better. Why?

Going gluten free often means:
1. You eat less processed food, which reduces natural and added chemicals, fat, salt and sugar.
2. You eat more fresh fruit and veggies increasing your vitamin, fibre and water intake.
3. You plan and prepare more of your own food and buy less food away from home.
4. Cutting out wheat means reducing your fructan load. Excess fructans can increase bloating, wind and alter bowel habits.
5. You are more mindful of what you are eating which is a key factor in healthier eating and feeling better!
6. In summary, you improve your eating habits.

Therefore, if you suspect gluten is an issue, see your GP and have Coeliac disease ruled out before you go gluten free.

See a dietitian who can help you determine if gluten really is the issue. If it’s not, you may need to reduce your wheat intake, but you won’t have to miss out on freshly baked bread!


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