Guilt Free Bliss Balls (Thermomix recipe)


Guilt Free Bliss Balls

The original Thermomix recipe can be found here. I have increased the quantity for each ingredient to make a bigger batch. This is a simple, delicious, vegetarian-friendly, protein and fibre rich snack that won’t leave you feeling guilty!


100g almonds
100g almond meal
100g cashews, unsalted
100g sultanas (or raisins)
100g sunflower kernels
240g dates, pitted
2 tbs vanilla essence
2 tbs cocoa
desiccated coconut to coat (optional)


If you own a Thermomix, follow the recipe above. Otherwise you can follow this super simple method using a food processor. Ready?

Place EVERYTHING except desiccated coconut in a food processor and blitz until ingredients are ground.

Take small handfuls and roll into balls.

To coat, either place some desiccated coconut in a container and roll bliss balls in it or place desiccated coconut and a handful of bliss balls in a zip lock bag and toss to coat.

Makes approximately 35.


If you are using a small food processor, as did I, you may find it difficult to combine all the ingredients together at the same time. You may choose to split the ingredients and process in two batches. I processed the nuts, seeds and sultanas first and transferred this to a large bowl. Next I blitzed the dates, cocoa and vanilla essence together. However, I found that the sticky nature of the dates made it impossible for it to combine with the previous nut and sultana mixture in the food processor later on. So my solution was to transfer everything into the large bowl that held all the other ingredients and mixed it with my hands (like a cake mixture). This worked perfectly fine and it was easy to grab handfuls to roll into balls of goodness.

You can substitute or add ingredients to this recipe. Experiment with different types and quantities of nuts, seeds and dried fruits. Enjoy!



4 responses to “Guilt Free Bliss Balls (Thermomix recipe)

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  3. I love these and make them all the time. They are always eaten very quickly but how long could they last and can they be frozen? Thanks.

    • Hi Karen, glad to hear these are a favorite! They keep quite well in an airtight container or tupperware. I haven’t frozen them before so no sure about that but I don’t suppose it would be very pleasant once thawed as the moisture may change the texture of the Bliss Balls. Hope this helps :

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