No preparation healthy snack ideas – an attempt to combat three thirtyitis


Three thirtyitis 

1. Lapses in concentration that usually occur in the afternoon – typically 3.30pm. These lapse’s in concentration typically occur because you are hungry. It is a very common and popular expression in New Zealand and Australia.

2. The lack of concentration experienced during mid-day.
Boss: “JOOOOHHNNSOOONN, where is that report I asked for???!!”
Johnson: “Huh.. what?.. where am I?!”
A classic example of three thirtyitis

Let’s be honest. Regardless of if you admit it or not, three thirtyitis is real and those affected by it suffer from dire consequences. The saying, “A second on the lips forever on the hips” was probably coined as a result of three thirtyitis. But I have good news for you! You CAN overcome three thirtyitis!
For some of us, reaching for the chocolate bar(s) or packet of crisps, slice of cake, pastries or muffins may just be a result of a bad habit we’ve developed. If that is the case, the next three and a bit minutes can revolutionise your life (you can thank me for introducing you to Charles Duhigg later).
Click here to watch the secret to breaking bad habits unfold.

Healthy snack ideas that require little to no preparation:

Here are a few ideas to help you combat three thirtyitis. Keep these snacks at your desk at work or around the house. This is not an exhaustive list. 
– fresh fruit
– Raw veggie sticks – carrot, celery, capsicum, cucumber (try it with natural peanut butter or dip)
– steamed or blanched green beans, snow peas, round beans


– a handful of dried fruit, nuts and/or seeds
– low fat yoghurt
– frozen berries and grapes
– fruit in 100% natural juice
– hard boiled egg seasoned with sea salt and black pepper
– almonds and 70% cocoa dark chocolate (just because it’s a good flavour combination)
– small tin of tuna with cottage cheese
– whole-grain crackers with string cheese
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