Boost your breakfast


Pictured: Weet Bix with almonds, unsalted cashews, sultanas, almond meal, flaxseed and a small glass (200ml) of soy milk to pour. (Optional: add banana or berries for natural sweetness).

Consuming enough protein with each meal helps with satiety which means you feel fuller for longer. You don’t need a lot of it. In fact, you don’t even have to be eating loads of  lean meat to ensure an adequate amount of protein is consumed either. Yes it’s true that animal sources have a higher protein bioavailability than vegetable sources. This makes it a more ‘complete’ source of protein but plant based sources are just as good. Nuts, legumes and beans are high in protein among other nutrients like dietary fibre, B-group vitamins and minerals. Based on nutrient profile, the Australian Dietary Guidelines classify these foods as alternatives to lean meat.

Try to add a variety of seeds and/or unsalted nuts with to your breakfast. You don’t need a lot. 30g (or a small handful) of nuts once or twice a week is sufficient to reap all the benefits from these little pocket rockets!


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