#cleaneating, a term that is commonly tagged in tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts. But what is clean eating?

There is no official definition for clean eating, however there are commonly accepted principles that are widely accepted among health and fitness enthusiasts.

Clean eating IS NOT a diet or a fad. It’s not about restricting food intake or counting calories. Clean eating is simply eating real/whole foods and less packaged/processed foods. 

Is it easy to follow? In my opinion, it’s not a matter of difficulty to adhere to as it is not a diet per se. Clean eating is a lifestyle and therefore requires time and effort to implement and build new habits.

Chef Ric Orlando, a pioneer of clean eating and the author of “We Want Clean Food,” takes a more organic, local approach to clean eating. He recommends local foods because they have less impact on the environment. Clean eating for Orlando doesn’t limit protein or fried foods.  Natural chicken, sustainable seafood, grass-fed cow’s milk are some meat options and he suggests frying with non-genetically modified oils. A common belief is that clean eating – or healthy eating in general – is more expensive than fast-food choices.  “To eat this way is actually cheaper than processed food.  You just have to put in the labor. We take more energy making our car nice than taking care of our bodies,” he said. (Source: ABC News)


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