Harry swapped 15kg for confidence

Harry’s testimonial


Week 0 || 96.7kg


Week 0 || 96.7kg

“Through Anne Smiley Nutrition, Anne has allowed me to see the simplicity in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I felt I had constant support and encouragement from Anne throughout my contact with her. Although I never thought my eating patterns could be structured, her meal plans were very easy to understand and catered to my preferences with plenty of different options to choose from.

Yes, at times it was quite difficult to stick to the meal plan (needed more willpower!), but Anne was always checking in on my progress and did her best to motivate me.

My primary goal was to lose weight as over the last couple of years I had gained weight unknowingly. If I had put on any more weight, I’d have had to buy a new wardrobe! Because of my weight, I lacked confidence in my physical

Week 12 || 93.7kg

Week 12 || 83.7kg

Week 12 || 93.7kg

Week 12 || 83.7kg


Luckily I was able to turn this around with Anne Smiley Nutrition. So far through her consultations and support, I have lost 13 kilos. I am quite happy with the results and have felt more motivated to increase my physical activity and to continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Thanks Anne! πŸ™‚ ”



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