The Kettle Black


The Kettle Black 

50 Albert Road, South Melbourne 3205

Trading: M – F 7am – 4pm // WE 8am – 4pm


First impression: Fresh, light, homely, balanced.


Service: For a cafe that has a consistent, busy flow of customers, the staff handled the rush with ease. Greeted pleasantly with big smiles, The Kettle Black family are friendly, helpful and approachable. A short wait is generally expected with popular venues, especially during peak times for weekend brunch. However, to our surprise, our orders were delivered promptly – the wait was probably less than 10 minutes! Mind you, it was a busy morning with a ‘full house’, too. Very impressive. KB were busy without giving off the feeling of ‘busyness’.

Vibe: The white, light and bright decor surrounded with lush green pot plants all around create a very fresh and inviting atmosphere. There was a balance of music and overhearing patrons’ conversations.

Food: Being first-timers at KB, we studied the menu and salivated as we read each option! I loved that the menu had just the right amount of options – not too long, not too short. Of what we selected, there was nothing that could be faulted – the food was delicious, presented beautifully, made from super fresh produce, and so good you know your body will thank you later! The pair sitting next to us at the bench must’ve noticed me taking photos of our meals and without hesitation, asked whether I’d like to take a photo of her meal first. I didn’t refuse the opportunity. Many friends, after hearing of my weekend KB visit have mentioned that the pancakes are a must-try! Next time, I will.

Coffee: Delicious. Absolutely delicious – custom blend from 5 Senses. KB serve rotating single origin and filter coffee, too. I loved that it only cost 20c extra for soy milk – unlike the 50c – $1 that seems to be the norm these days. Most days, KB normally have a coffee cart with a small selection of breakfast options on the street front for those on-the-go.

Other: KB are proud supporters of local produce and they care about the entire process, from farm to plate. They grow their own herbs, flowers, and leaves, used in many of their artfully created numbers. Oh, and for those that fancy a drink (or two) with their meals, KB are also licensed. From the carefully chosen crockery to the pretty presentation of food, elegant decor to well-designed space, a visit to The Kettle Black is nothing short of delightful.

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