I’m back! – no longer MIA


I am well aware that my last post was 15 months ago and the one preceding that was 14 months before that. Ha! So in 29 months I’ve managed to post twice. Where have I been and what have I done?

Let’s see…

I left a stable 38-hour work week job in a private hospital to manage a restaurant and a juice bar simultaneously in the CBD. I worked A LOT… so much so that work took precedence in my life and I had unknowingly in the process pushed everything and everyone important to me aside. Dreams and ambitions, family and friends, health and wellbeing – on the sidelines. In hindsight, I don’t really know why I had worked so hard for someone else. Perhaps I needed recognition or validation. Maybe I wanted to prove that I was capable of the challenges before me. I don’t know. What I knew was that my choices eventually left me feeling empty, miserable and depressed for two years. Depression. Overcoming depression. A story for another day.

Moving along… so that gig lasted a bit under 18 months. I decided then that I will never place work on a pedestal ever again. In the following four months, I embarked on a short boat cruise and spent some quality time with my mother, applied for about 100 jobs (literally!), went to Thailand and Vietnam for a holiday and visited my relatives, started 2016 with four casual jobs that I chose AND loved, a whole lot of motivation, positivity and work/life balance. It was set to be a great year.

In early March 2016, my sister-in-law texted me and mentioned how she had met this lady, Christina, who runs a beautiful collective craft store. Christina joked that a coffee shop would complete the store and of course, my sister-in-law had an ‘A-Ha! I’ve got the solution’ moment (as women do) and suggested the idea to me.  A bit of context here – although I have a background in nutrition, I’ve also worked in hospitality for the most part of my life and one of the many dreams I have is to own and run a cafe. Right, so there I was, with my routine down pat which comprised of working four different jobs, KX Pilates classes, family time, catch ups with friends and regular R & Rs, I was comfortable and reluctant to consider change.

In saying that, my family and close friends know I’m not afraid of change or challenges. So in short, I said yes and embarked on a six-month journey to set up a small business. Again, a story for another day. In September 2016, Inchmeal was birthed. Now here I am, six months post grand opening and able to elaborate a bit more on my journey. Many people have asked me why I didn’t get a job in the nutrition field post tertiary studies. To put it bluntly, there was nothing out there that aligned with what I want to do with my skills, knowledge, passion and influence. So I guess I am creating something I love and believe in.

What I’ve learnt
Where do I even begin? Well.. let’s start with a list of cliches.

Take risks
Don’t settle for less
Love what you do
Be humble
Work hard
Don’t give up on your dreams even in 9-5
Seize opportunities
Set goals
Be a vision carrier
Think beyond the now

What does this have to do with health and wellbeing? I truly believe that the thoughts we think are as important as the food we choose to eat – both impact our health and wellbeing. The list above, albeit cliche, has significantly impacted my outlook. Our ability to adapt to change, understand and manage our emotional, social, mental and physical state through challenges is imperative to our health. This isn’t to say that I’m perfect at it. Life happens and our choices and response determines our future.

So moving forward, I’ll endeavour to explore these ‘thoughts’ as well as share my tips, tricks and journey in this space which will inevitably include a lot of food, business, motivational quotes and simple truths because these things matter to me. The beauty of writing a blog is that you don’t have to agree with me – heck, you don’t even have to read this. But if you do, I hope you are encouraged, motivated, inspired or challenged by something or rather from these posts.


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