The best Pho

Pho Hung Vuong

15 Balmoral Avenue, Springvale 3171

Trading: Daily from 8:30am – 8pm


Alright. First things first. There are two types of people in this world: those who have tried Pho and those who haven’t. For those who have yet to try this signature Vietnamese number, take this recommendation seriously. For everyone else, you’ve probably already got your favourite Pho eateries that you’ve pledged allegiance to so… do as you please. As for me, I’ve been frequenting this eatery since I was a wee tiny-tot. Still love it.

What is Pho? Firstly it’s pronounced more like “fur” and not “foe”. Pho is a simple bowl of goodness made typically of rice noodles, beef broth, herbs and meat… and then there are variations to cater to all of the diets nowadays.

First impression: bustling, authentic, straight up, no nonsense (some would just say this is the ‘Vietnamese’ style)

Service: The service at Pho Hung Vuong is typical of many Asian street food style eateries – quick, straightforward, no nonsense, yet somehow polite(?).  This place is often at capacity, particularly on weekends. Streams of people would line up outside and wait to be seated. There’ll be someone handing out ‘raffle ticket’ numbers and call them out as tables become available for new patrons. Food arrives almost immediately after placing order.

Vibe: This is no place to stay and have work meetings or D & Ms… but you can try. The photo below is what should be expected almost always.

pho 2

Food: The writing’s (menu) on the wall. There’s a number of variations to the one signature dish. Select your option, choose your size. Simple.

Other: Ask for a complimentary side of pickled onion. Buy some Vietnamese savoury doughnuts from the bakery around the corner and dip them in the Pho broth. Try a Vietnamese iced coffee or Three-Bean drink. (Can you tell I’ve got my standard order here?)



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