Contentment vs. Happiness

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a state of happiness and satisfaction.

the state of being happy.

feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

People are interesting. People are so interesting that there are courses dedicated to the study of people – anthropology, sociology, psychology, etc. What I’m about to share is completely anecdotal. I mean, if you’re looking for something with scientific back up, you can always pay 20k+ to an institution and get educated on the said topics.

Let’s cut to the chase here. People are happy to talk to just about anyone on many things – life, love, beliefs, hobbies, family, work – until it becomes deeply personal… until the questions hit the core, until they feel vulnerable. Then they might brush it off with an awkward shrug or disengage completely. Yes I am stereotyping. But more often than not, this has proven to be true.

Let’s not argue about our beliefs about happiness but agree that it is imperative for our health and wellbeing and it is valuable as people seem to be on a constant voyage to ‘find’ happiness. We hear it all the time, “Do what makes you happy!”, “”Happiness is a journey not a destination”, “Be happy”. All valid. Sounds positive. But how?

I may be oversimplifying and severely overoptimistic here by putting this out there but I believe that happiness is simply a (daily) choice. To take it one step further, I believe that happiness is an outward expression of inward contentment.

Let’s face it. Life happens. Emotions are fleeting. So if we base our happiness on immediate circumstances we can be highly volatile. I don’t have a manual to happiness for you but I’ve learnt that the more we choose to be happy despite our situation, the more contented we become. Who knows, perhaps that’s what frees us up from worry and fear to be able to truly change the world around us, starting from a decision within.

P.S. Thanks to you-know-who-you-are for asking me when you’d expect another post from me – this post has taken me way longer to write than expected.

P.P.S. Random featured image of tomatoes because, why not!


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